A week after our first coaching clinic in Scone, the Steve Waugh Cricket team was at Snape Park in Maroubra for a three-day clinic, offering participants an intensive program covering all aspects of the game.

Held in conjunction with the Randwick-Petersham Cricket Club, this clinic saw nearly to 60 young cricketers given in-depth training across all key skill-sets.

Feedback from the participants and their parents was very positive said Greg Small, Steve Waugh Cricket’s Director of Coaching.

“We specifically set out to create a really positive learning environment at the clinics, because we realise that if the youngsters are motivated and excited to be here, that’s they best learn from the coaching team, improving their technique in all elements of the game,” he said.

“And because we have such a broad cross-section of ages and skill levels at these clinics, we also focus on our young cricketers’ social interaction, ensuring they engage in positive and responsible behaviour.

“We’ve had a great response to this approach from participants’ parents – and in fact we frequently find the youngsters are more likely to listen to and learn from our coaches than they are their own parents!” said Greg.

Steve Waugh Cricket is planning to offer a significant number of clinics for the forthcoming summer holidays. Dates, venues and other information will be advised as soon as details are confirmed.

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