At Steve Waugh Cricket, we have one of the most respected cricketers of all time driving our business – with his philosophy and values still inspiring cricketers today.

Our coaching team believes that communicating and imparting Steve’s philosophy and values is important to the future of the game.

Our approach is about delivering a fun learning experience, helping cricketers improve their skills and their game in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

We firmly believe that “over-coaching” kids is one of the worst things a coach can do; instead, we want to let them be themselves, and enjoy their participation in the game.

To achieve this, we take the time to look at each player and evaluate their potential and skill levels, and then work from there.

Greg Small

Our Director of Cricket, Greg is a fully accredited coach with Cricket Australia, and a member of the England Cricket Board Coaches Association.

A first grade premiership winning player and coach, Greg has more than 30 years’ playing and coaching experience, playing with and against some of the game’s elite – including many first class and International players from around the cricketing world.

Greg’s cricketing and coaching highlights include:


Duncan Kerr

Strength and conditioning coach Duncan Kerr is a highly respected mentor to many athletes across a range of different sports – but with a major focus on cricket.

As an elite sports trainer, coach and mentor for the best part of three decades, Duncan has worked with leading international sports men and women, with his key focus being getting all the ingredients right to ensure that every one of his athletes performs at their very best.

Cricket is Duncan’s biggest passion, and he has worked with first class and International cricketers over many years – including some of the game’s leading players.

He has managed the Sydney Thunder in Australia’s T20 Big Bash, is closely involved with Cricket NSW, continues to coach at the grassroots level, and is a fully trained paramedic.

He has worked as a medic on TV’s The Biggest LoserUnderbelly and the team-building corporate show XVenture.

As an elite sports trainer, his career highlights include:

  • Touring with the Australian Cricket team as team masseur
  • Working with NSW Cricket team
  • Trainer for the Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League team (including three grand finals in 1995, 1996, and 1997)
  • Sydney Swifts Netball team
  • The Wiggles children entertainment group, travelling with them around the world

Duncan is the very best at getting that little bit extra from everyone he works with, leaving nothing to chance with his preparation and dedication. He is a confidant to many sporting and entertainment identities, and is highly sought after for corporate speaking and motivational talks to sporting and business groups across many fields and industries.


Simon has been coaching Sydney grade cricket for several years and is a fully accredited coach with Cricket Australia.

Cricket is Simon’s passion and he is currently assistant coach with a leading Sydney grade club.

He works across numerous spheres including mentoring many of the club’s emerging young talents, and rising stars of the future.

Simon engages with players across all levels with enthusiasm and passion, helping to motivate them to be the very best they can, no matter what age or ability level.

 He is an experienced all-round sportsman and a highly regarded member of the Steve Waugh Cricket team.

In addition, Simon has played and coached rugby union and soccer at senior levels, plus he’s a competitive swimmer and a fully active and accredited surf lifesaver.

His vast experience across multiple sports gives Steve Waugh Cricket the advantage of applying different learnings and disciplines to give our participants that extra edge needed to be their very best.