At Steve Waugh Cricket, we offer a full range of clinics and academies, at club, school, team and individual levels.


Our eight-week cricket clinics provide an integrated program of coaching and skills development, across a three-hour session each week for eight weeks.

This structured academy course covers the full gamut of cricket skills, strategy and tactics, teamwork, health and fitness, and nutrition.

It covers all key cricketing skills, while also offering the flexibility for participants to gain additional coaching in their specialist disciplines.

It includes a mix of team-based exercises, presentations on key aspects of cricket, and matches where participants have the opportunity to put their developing skills and understanding to use.


Our three-day school holiday clinics, available to schools and clubs, provide an ideal opportunity for kids to develop their cricket skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Each day offers a full six hours of skills development, strategy and tactics discussions, along with nutrition advice and fitness development culminating in full 20/20 games where kids can apply their skills, and receive additional feedback and coaching assistance.


Steve Waugh Cricket offers a unique opportunity to quickly develop your skills and techniques for this fast growing form of the game – which requires some very different strategies and skills compared with the longer games.

We can tailor clinics to clubs, schools or individual teams, including working with you to develop a program over a season to help build skills and understanding to give that match-winning edge.

This six-hour clinic offers an introduction to 20/20 cricket, including an overview of how it differs from other forms of the game, and the particular techniques, strategies and tactics required by successful 20/20 players and teams.

We cover all skill sets across batting, bowling and fielding, including:

  • Bowling, including slower balls, fast bowling, spin bowling
  • Batting, including reverse sweep, ramp shots, tactics
  • Fielding, including tactics, specialist skills, field placements
  • Wicketkeeping, including its importance in the game, tactics, and specialists skills required.


For players looking for some intensive coaching to help get them to the next level, assist in correcting problem areas, or who want to work on skills and techniques, Steve Waugh Cricket offers one-to-one coaching – as well as for small groups up to 3-5 players.

For more information please contact us directly.


We are always on the look out for talented players with the potential to go further in the game.

Our experienced coaches have the skills, insights and understanding to identify highly talented young players, and to nurture and develop that talent into the future.

And if you’re a coach, team manager, teacher or parent with a young player who you think has some outstanding cricketing talent, please feel free to get in touch with us.


At Steve Waugh Cricket, our coaching team has had years of experience in working with other coaches, and helping them to develop their talents and skills.

Whether you’re a coach who wants to help your team better achieve their potential, or a parent or teacher who’d like to learn the basics of coaching, we can give you the tools and skills – and teach you the right approach to coaching young people – to help ensure you deliver coaching in a positive, fun and nurturing environment.



PitchVision is a leading edge coaching and learning tool that allows coaches and players better assessment and identification of correct bowling and batting techniques.

It captures bowling and batting techniques; players then purchase an annual subscription/membership allowing them to log in and use any centre that has the technology for review by players and coaches on an ongoing basis.

Video analysis

Steve Waugh Cricket’s Video Coaching Service allows you to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our experienced coaches, no matter where in the world you are based.

It combines analysis, personalised training and tips, and remedial exercises to help you improve your game and technique.